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Let’s face it – Being the family taxi is tough!

With the ongoing pressure to be everywhere and get everything done, it’s easy to lose your cool. What you may not realise is there are a whole range of things that can add up to make your car a more toxic environment. Learn more about these common causes of added stress while driving and how you can reduce them!

Headaches, Asthma, and the air in your car

Did you know the air inside our cars has been found to have a much higher concentration of pollutants than the air just outside the vehicle – up to 10 times, in some cases?

Protect your family from allergy causing pollutants

These pollutants can trigger headaches, nausea and general fatigue for you and your family. Those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems are especially at risk when exposed to a concentration of pollutants.

Improving the air quality in your car can be as simple as asking a mechanic to change your cabin air filter the next time you take your car in for a service.

To ensure their effectiveness, cabin air filters should be replaced approximately every 15,000 km or at least once a year.

Cabin air filters also help prevent odours and keep the interior of your car cleaner by filtering out dust and dirt. For best results, our workshop uses and recommend high quality cabin air filters.
Learn how a cabin air filter helps protect your family with our 
Cabin Air AutoFacts video

If you suspect your car may need a new filter, visit David Galea Mechanical and we can check and replace your cabin air filter for you.

What’s that smell?

Is your car making you sick? Dealing with a nasty smell in your car? This could be caused by a build-up of bacteria in your car’s vents that not only make trips in the car unpleasant but can also cause health issues. If car air fresheners aren’t doing the trick, ask us about our air vent purification service to kill the bacteria in your car and eliminate that nasty smell!

Learn more about the bacteria in your car here

Losing your cool?

In Australia, a properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your family comfortable all year round. Not only that, being too cold or too hot in the car can seriously affect your mood as well as your concentration on the roads.

How to maintain your Car Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems contain a myriad of hoses and seals that can dry out or crack, which could lead to coolant leaks and poor performance. In addition to regular servicing, running your car air conditioning during the winter months also helps to maintain the system in good working order. If you’re unsure about the state of your cars air conditioning, ask us to check it the next time you are in for your service.

Suspension and Steering Service

When driving the kids to school feels more like an upper body workout than going to the gym, it’s time to book your vehicle in for a suspension and steering service. The key role of well-performing car suspension and steering is to provide stability, good handling and ultimately, safety. A regular suspension and steering service will ensure your family’s comfort.

Plus, did you know your suspension system plays a critical part in braking safely?

View our Shock Absorbers AutoFacts video to learn more

Wheel Alignment

A professional wheel alignment will not only ensure your tyres last longer and your car handles well and safely, but it also has the added benefit of reducing fatigue while driving.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment?

  • Uneven or accelerated wear on the edges of your tyres. Usually caused by a toe out or toe in condition
  • The steering has a “mushy” feel or has become less responsive. While poor steering can be caused by wheel alignment it may be linked to a more serious problem behind the wheel that needs professional diagnosis
  • It your car’s steering wheel is not returning to the dead ahead position or pulls to one side

While poor steering can be caused by wheel alignment, it may be linked to a more serious problem behind the wheel that needs professional diagnosis. 

What causes wheels to become unaligned?

  • Hitting curbs
  • Driving over speed bumps with excess speed
  • Hitting potholes
  • Getting into an accident – Even the littlest bump can misalign your wheels

If you think your car may need a wheel alignment, call us and we can book you in for a test and adjust your wheel alignment.

Are you seeing clearly?

Let’s face it, not being able to see clearly while you’re driving is another added stress you just don’t need!

Are you getting headaches from eye strain behind the wheel? Eye strain can be caused by poor visibility bought on by bad weather or light conditions.

Being able to see clearly on the road is critical to safe driving. So, if you notice your wiper blades are less than optimal or any of your lights are blown, it is important to get them replaced right away. In some cases, standard headlights can be replaced by higher quality globes that can improve your driving experience when dark.

Stressed out and snappy?

Worrying about the safety and reliability of your vehicle can subconsciously increase your stress levels without you even realising. It’s hard enough to keep your focus on the road with the kids in the car, morning traffic and all the other immediate matters vying for your attention.

We help you stay Zen behind the wheel by providing peace of mind knowing that your car is serviced correctly and ready to help keep you safe in an emergency.

Brake Service

One of the ways we can help is by making sure your car’s braking system is in safe working order so you can stop in time when you need to. Whatever part of your brakes need a service our trained technicians are fully qualified to inspect, repair or replace your brake system. If you feel your brakes are not performing correctly, you shouldn’t wait – have your brakes inspected by us today

Find out more about 5 Warning Signs your Brakes need servicing

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